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KRISTINA SHAMGUNOVA - alto saxophone
PHILIP WEYAND - piano / vocals
NICO KLÖFFER - double bass

"Anyone who gets into a car anywhere in the world and takes it for granted that they will be getting out again in a distant place in no time at all rarely thinks of the place of origin of this key technology of the twentieth century:

The city of Mannheim in the Kurpfalz. In five years at the latest, a similar phenomenon could befall the experienced jazz listener:

He hears a band somewhere on the globe, let's say in Manila or Madrid, and thinks to himself: amazingly MODERN this sound, amazingly FRESH, CHEEKY and IN THE HEIGHT OF TIME. It would be to be wished to him then that he got himself a little education and google the origin of this new current, which today, in the year 2 of the pandemic, unfortunately still has no name. This origin would also be Mannheim, the originator would not be called Benz, but Weyand, Jesske, Shamgunova and Klöffer. Admittedly, the comparison is somewhat weird. Who would juxtapose something as filigree, aesthetic, flowing as the music of this combo around Philip Weyand with a stinking, environmentally polluting metal monster called car?"

- Stephan Pfalzgraf (jazz expert)


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