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KRISTINA SHAMGUNOVA - alto saxophone
PHILIP WEYAND - piano / vocals
NICO KLÖFFER - double bass

Philip Weyand does not agree with the development of contemporary floristry:

Not flowery enough, and somehow it used to smell more intense, didn't it? - "Nostalgia is a virtue!" he tells his band one morning. Because they not only know him well, but are real friends, they don't think he's crazy, but know immediately what to do:

Pack the instruments, get on the train. A glass house is rented, seeds are purchased, thumbs manicured green, potting soil freshly scented spread, and then they throw sounds: warmly bleeding for Placido, melancholically drifting for Myosotis, pale smoldering for Unbunt, downright phototoxic for Anthrax, longing-calling for's Zwischenspiel, freely meandering for N°X, energetically swirling for EtG, sizzlingly swinging for Nomos, southern melting for Schweifen, crystalline shimmering for Stardurst.
And all this: performed in a deserted, sultry house; only plants are the audience. Do they hear the music? Do they not sway gently to the beat? I think I heard the angel trumpets sigh. But it could also be a hallucination.

My heart is so warm.

-Stephan Pfalzgraf (jazz expert)

Now digital and on CD 

at Bandcamp:

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press reviews

"You have to remember the name. Philip Weyand. The music on this album is an incredibly colorful, surprising and often very lyrical collection of sounds. Despite the open forms and original consonances, an impression of order and stable sound structures prevails. Neither is the music hermetic and difficult to listen to. On the contrary, it is flowing, delicate and caresses the ear like a spring breeze."


Mannheim morning:

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